About Me

Hi!  I'm Dave Payne.  I have been a licensed counselor since Spring of 2009, and I truly love what I get to do as a counselor.

In 2009, I got my Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.  For my first year as a counselor, I worked with children and families in a community setting, where I would drive to meet people for sessions at their homes and schools.  I learned a lot at this job and had the privilege of consulting and collaborating with a bunch of great therapists. 

I then moved on to work in a halfway house with an adult male criminal population for the following two years.  This experience was eye-opening (in mostly positive ways) and I am thankful to have learned a lot and met more great therapists and case managers.

In 2012, I gradually transitioned over to counseling in a private setting, and that is what I now do full-time.  Since 2012, I have worked with hundreds of people to help them find healthier, more productive ways to address their depression, anxiety, ADHD, relationship problems, and more. 

Although I don't assume to know exactly what your pain (depression, anxiety, etc.) feels like, I am confident that I have a good understanding of how difficult it can be in general to live with such invasive conditions.  

I strive to help people feel understood and accepted.

Photo from 2011.

Photo from 2011.