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First and foremost, if you would feel more comfortable working with a therapist of color, an amazing colleague of mine compiled this list of local Black Therapists:

Also, here is a directory for Ohio:

In My Own Words:

Actively Working To Fight Racism

As a white clinician, for the past 10 years I have not taken a public stance against racism. When the occasional openly-racist client would assume that I shared their negative opinions on people in minority groups, I would feel uncomfortable but would not say anything. 


In the past year and a half, I have come to realize that it is a white privilege to be able to choose if/when I take a stance against racism. It is not fair that I can choose this while people of color are stuck living with racism 24/7. In an attempt to decrease my own use of this privilege, I have posted a Black Lives Matter icon at the top of my website in order to clarify my anti-racist stance where everybody can see it.  I donate and contribute to Black Lives Matter and other anti-racism causes because I see that racism is a major force in America.


My hope is that those who visit my site will know right away where I stand on racism, and that those people who do not agree with this stance will seek out a different counselor

While a discussion on racism isn't required if it's not a topic you wish to discuss in counseling, I encourage you to speak up and share any thoughts or questions/concerns you may have around race and racism. It is a prominent force that is pervasive in American society, whether you realize it or not. If you have a desire to better understand racism and bias, I would be happy to discuss that with you.

Therapy is a safe space for the majority of discussions, and I do my best to remain neutral on most topics. However, when it comes to racism, I recognize that staying neutral sends the message that I am okay with the way people of color are treated in our world.


I want my ongoing words and actions to show that I am not okay with racism, and I intend to continue taking action to learn about the part I play in perpetuating racism so that I may work to correct this.  


I will not allow therapy sessions to include blatant intolerance, disrespect, or hateful words towards /about people of other races. Please do not say anything to me that you would not say with a person of color present.

*If you believe this policy will be problematic for you, please find another therapist.*

Anti-Racism Resources

The Conscious Kid 

Resources for helping kids (and adults) understand and discuss racism.


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