Couples Counseling

More Than Communication Skills

Why You Should Try Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Proven Effective


EFT is one of the few evidence-based couples therapy approaches, meaning that extensive research has shown it to be very effective.

Communication Skills

EFT is about recognizing and changing negative patterns of interaction (such as arguments and resentment) between partners. 

Re-Connect Emotionally

EFT addresses partners’ feelings of emotional disconnection in the relationship.  A goal of EFT is to help you and your partner reconnect.

Don't Feel Blamed

EFT isn’t about finding out whose “fault” it is or who “started” the problem/argument, and it isn’t about determining who is “right” or “wrong.”

Emotionally Focused Therapy

I conduct couples therapy sessions using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which focuses on helping partners recognize and change their negative patterns of interacting with each other. I have received extensive professional training in EFT, and I’m confident that this method can help you improve your relationship in a way that creates lasting results.

Chances are, you’re seeking couples counseling because you and/or your partner have been feeling an emotional disconnect in the relationship. Therefore, a goal of EFT is to help you and your partner reconnect. We’ll look at the thoughts, emotions, and reactions that are driving the disconnect that you and your partner keep feeling.

Most people have a natural need to feel comforted by those who are emotionally close with them. However, a lot of couples have trouble trusting and expressing emotion to each other. This is often a result of each partner’s past experiences in the current relationship and in other close relationships (not just with romantic partners) throughout their lives. If we look deeper at many arguments between partners, we discover that these arguments often start because one partner is feeling a lack of emotional connection, trust, or safety (emotionally) around the other partner.

When the most helpful thing to say would be:

“I’m concerned about our recent lack of time alone together. I miss spending time with you.”

We tend to actually say:

“You don’t spend time with me anymore!”



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