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Online Therapy Tips

  • Headphones or earbuds are highly recommended.  This can be helpful not only for privacy purposes, but also to avoid that echo effect (when I can hear my own voice coming back through your microphone) that often occurs without headphones. For couples sessions, a simple headphone splitter can be bought to accommodate two sets of headphones.  Available on Amazon for less than $5.

  • If possible, have a light or window in front of you to provide adequate lighting on your face during the session.

  • Connect your device to wifi if that's available.  Wifi at home or work usually provides a faster and more reliable connection than most cell phone signals.

  • Close all other apps/programs on your device prior to session.  This will help your device run more smoothly and reduce the chance of overheating during session.

  • If possible, reduce distractions in the room around you.  Turn off TVs, radios, etc.  Be aware of other possible distractions such as your smartphone, smartwatch, etc., and consider silencing these devices.  If you tend to fidget, that's not a problem.  I encourage small hand-held fidget toys, which can help many people focus more effectively.

  • Dogs, cats, & kids who occasionally show up in session don't tend to be a major distraction.  This is a normal and expected part of telehealth.

  • It's fine to sit in your (parked) car during the session.  Plenty of people do this to get privacy and silence.


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