Why I Do Not Take Insurance

I am not in-network with any insurance plans (except Lyra Health).

  • Insurance Limits Your Care - Insurance companies often set limits for the number of sessions a person may attend, how much time must elapse in between sessions, as well as the length of each session.

  • Insurance Requires A Diagnosis - In order for insurance to pay for a person’s counseling session, the therapist is required to provide a specific diagnosis for that person.  Some insurance companies will only cover counseling for certain diagnoses and not for others.  This leaves you with a denial of care or an unwarranted diagnosis. Plenty of people who see me for counseling do not have any discernible mental health diagnosis, and some people understandably do not wish to be labeled with a diagnosis that will remain in their insurance records.

  • Insurance Companies Are Notoriously Hard To Work With - Insurance companies are often difficult to communicate with in order to collect payment and to find out a person’s coverage and required copayment.  While there are websites to help therapists look up this information, mental health coverage is often not listed.  A lengthy phone call to the insurance is frequently required in order to get some idea about a person’s coverage.  Also, insurance companies can take payments back from providers weeks or months later if they discover a billing error -- even if the error was on the insurance company's part.

  • Insurance Leaves Less Room For Quality Care - Insurance reimbursement rates are usually quite low and it can take over a month for some companies to pay for a session.  When I was in-network with insurance companies, I had to pack my schedule with back-to-back sessions each day in order to remain in business.  By not taking insurance, I am able to schedule fewer clients per day, therefore keeping my practice relatively small, which gives me more time and energy that I may devote to each client.

Get Reimbursed By Insurance for Out-Of-Network Services

I provide this resource as a convenient suggestion only.  I do not make any money from your use of Reimbursify.


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