Dave Payne, LPCC, BC-TMH
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Individual Counseling


Individual Counseling

In counseling sessions, I provide an understanding, non-judgmental, and relaxing atmosphere in which you can comfortably work through your problems.  I want to get a thorough understanding of what it feels like to live life in your shoes.

We can make your therapy sessions the most helpful by sitting down and having some real, authentic conversations.  I realize this is not always easy, so I encourage you to move at your own pace.

A lot of times, I’ll provide you with empathy and validation about the situations you describe. At other times, I may be most helpful by gently challenging the thoughts that automatically come up in stressful situations in your daily life. A lot of the reactive thoughts we have are completely understandable responses to stress, but these thoughts are not always the most helpful ways to view situations. Together, we'll work on helping you modify things you think and do that may be getting in your way in the long run (even though a lot of these things seem to help deal with stress in the short run).

In many cases, I’ll help you learn some healthy coping techniques that can help make your life more relaxing and enjoyable. These can be skills such as problem solving, communication, relaxation, etc. I take a very down-to-earth approach to this, meaning I recommend coping techniques that are easy to understand, easy to do, and can realistically fit into your present lifestyle.

I embrace diversity and I love to work with people to help them lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.