Individual Counseling

What to Expect

In counseling sessions, I provide an understanding, non-judgmental, and relaxing atmosphere in which you can comfortably work through your problems.  I can teach you helpful coping techniques to fit your particular situation, or just listen and provide feedback if that’s what you seek.  I embrace diversity and I love to work with people to help them lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

The Real You

We can make your therapy sessions the most helpful by sitting down and having some real, authentic conversations.  Once you feel comfortable enough, you share the parts of your personality, thoughts, and feelings that you’re afraid of being judged for. I realize this is not easy for many people, so I encourage you to move at your own pace.  When you recognize that I'm not judging you, you’ll know you’ve found a safe place to work on the kind of self-improvement that can really help throughout the rest of your life.

What I Do

Then, for my part, I'll share honest and empathetic feedback on what might be working for you and against you.  Together, we'll work on helping you modify things you think and do that may be getting in your way in the long run (even though a lot of these things seem to help you deal with stress in the short run).

Learn Skills

During counseling sessions, I listen and try to get a thorough understanding of what it must be like to be in your situation.  If there are certain skills that would help you more effectively handle the problem--skills such as problem solving, communication, relaxation, etc.--we work together to help you gain those skills and apply them to your own life.