Nothing Will Ever Change If We Remain Silent About It

Let’s be honest: Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, and many other oppressive and downright deadly prejudices have been pretty rampant in America lately. These attitudes were always there, but many people have felt emboldened to be louder and more open about their prejudiced views over the past few years.

I cannot claim to know firsthand how unsafe—and unseen—many people are likely feeling in our country around this time. What I can guarantee is that when you are talking with me, I will do everything I can to help you feel safe and accepted, regardless of our differences.

I strive to make the counseling experience comfortable for everyone I talk with, and I want this to feel like a safe space for you to be yourself.  Although I will never push you to share with me anything that you don't feel comfortable sharing, I hope to convey an attitude that is welcoming and respectful toward people who have differences of all types. 

I recognize that remaining quiet about diversity has a tendency to increase unspoken misconceptions and unrecognized biases. 

I encourage discussion about how differences may affect our lives and identities, as well as any concerns you might have about how differences may affect the counseling process. I will approach your concerns from a humble (not confrontational) standpoint. I’ve talked with plenty of people who have been unfairly judged, targeted, and even attacked because of other people’s prejudiced ideas.


I support and speak up for LGBTQIA+ rights.


Although I don't provide counseling from a particular religious or spiritual standpoint, I will be happy to discuss spirituality if you bring it up as something that's important to you. 

If you'd like to incorporate your spirituality into your treatment, I'll welcome this as a source of strength and meaning in your life.  I will not introduce or "push" religious / spiritual solutions to your problems if you do not bring up this subject on your own, since I respect that spiritual or religious beliefs are important to some and not important to others.

I can also be found on the Secular Therapy Project’s therapist search.

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